Batch Element Entry Spreadsheet Interface

Batch Element Entry Spreadsheet Interface

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To upload Assignment lines to an Element or Element Set or for an Assignment to Element Set or more than one Element, we can use BEE (Batch Element Entry). If there are more number of lines, we can do so using BEE Spreadsheet Interface. First, we need to give a name to Batch and then Save. Next, we click BEE Spreadsheet Interface, it will open web form, follow the instructions and it will create macro enabled excel document called Web ADI. We must be careful using this excel as formulas are embedded. Please do not change the formatting this by going to format cells. Effective date is what is most important as the data which will be uploaded into Oracle will be based on that date. So before creating the Web ADI excel, do the date tracking accordingly. From the Add ins Tab, You can see Oracle and in the drop drown there be upload, Click that. Upload the flagged rows. Once uploaded, the message will appear as how many rows successfully uploaded. Each row you copy or cut paste from other excel will be flagged, it will be indicated in the first column with a symbol. Do not modify or delete it. Blank rows will be rejected with a message in the extreme right column in Red. All successful rows will be shown green in the message column.

Once Upload is done successfully, Go back to batch element entry screen. Retrieve the Batch, check once whether the lines you have loaded are appearing. Click Process, no need to validate again, already validated in the previous step, so select transfer and submit. Concurrent request will be fired. Check once in the request window whether the request is completed normal. Then come back to Batch Element Entry, Retrieve the batch, check status shows transferred. That’s all folks, you are done. Screen Navigation-Please see below:

· Search for a batch by specifying the partial criteria for the batch name and then choose “Go”.
· To create a new batch click Create Batch.
· To update a batch, select the batch and click the Update icon.
· Select a batch from the list of batches and choose “Create Lines” to create the batch lines for an element. choose “Process”


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