Social Collaboration – Cloud HCM Talent Management

Social Collaboration – Cloud HCM Talent Management

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What Social Collaboration means? –  Not exactly Social Media, but deliberate directing of a community to achieve an outcome. Community is something to do with people not with technology.
HR Functions should ensure the development and retention of employees. HR is accountable to ensure keeping employees current as new technology which has become inevitable in today’s scenario.
Applying Social across your organization
·        On-boarding, Goal setting down the layer
·        Tactical talent management
·        Learning and Development
·        Performance measure
·        Modest differentiation
Usage of Social in Talent Acquisition
·        Looking for passive candidates
·        Viewing the need for community
·        Ensuring right strategies
·        Enabling recruitment through Social
Importance of Communities – Communities can serve as targeted generators of talents. Communities can be diverse groups such as –

·        Board of Directors
·        Contractors
·        Customers
·        Employees
·        Interns
·        Colleges and Universities
·        Partners
·        Past candidates
·        Retirees

Accessing the Talent within – Organizations do have in-house experts who can be individual contributors as loaners. These loaners are sitting in corners who are not seen often in meetings, identify them and make use of their expertise to train the new and existing teams, this way recruiting teams efforts are eased out.

1.     More robust by collective input on Individual and Team Performance
2.     Robust talent pipeline through Social Network access
3.     Establishing productivity for new hires through effective on boarding
4.     Building relationships across virtual teams
5.     Higher connectivity between employees and organization
6.     External leverage of corporate brand through employee sharing
7.     Knowledge transfer made easy within team members
8.     Consistent and effective communication
9.     Productive learning results

10.Efficient Problem solving
Modern HR in the Cloud
·        Core HR for the Global Organization
·        Well-equipped talent management through Social Sourcing
·        Access through Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop
Oracle Social Network
Oracle Social Network is a secure private network which provides bunch of tools to capture and retain the information flowing from people to enterprise applications and business processes. It assists to build smarter teams by collaboration quickly.  Oracle brings the power of networking into HCM to generate excellent business performance for you.
Oracle Social Sourcing Can Promote jobs across social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Employee referrals made easy.
Oracle Social HCM helps to retain employees. Providing your workforce challenged and valuable. Oracle Social HCM enables collaboration, sharing and knowledge. Managers and HR can collaborate and quickly resolve any issues related to promotions, benefits, transfers, on-boarding and terminations. Oracle Social in HCM helps employees to stay connected as they collaborate. It not only improves employee’s productivity but also helps companies to fully realize the potential of using social technology to improve engagement and generate strategic insight.
HR Tasks made Easier through Oracle Social in HCM.  Oracle Social in HCM provides excellent Talent Review, Goal Management, Performance Management, Succession Management and Recruitment
The Oracle Social HCM-
·        helps employees remain focused on and aligned with business objectives.
·        Share information easily and efficiently.
·        Motivates people to connect and communicate with each other to develop valuable insight.


·        Offers feedback and helps employees to become part of the process.

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