• Oracle Payroll Process Cycle
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    Payroll Process Cycle:======================1. Retro Pay Notification Report2. Retro Pay By Element or Enhanced Retro Pay3. Payroll Run4. Pre-Payments5. Payments (Cash, Cheque & BACS)6. Payslip Generation7. Costing8. Transfer to GLHierarchy for costing:=======================1. Payroll—————> Least2. Element Link3. Organization4. Assignment5. Element entry level –> Highest

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  • Oracle HRMS – Overview
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    System Administrator Activities:================================Function —> Form Menu > Sub-Menus > FuntionsResponsibility > MenuUser > Responsibility > Menu > Functions/FormsSecurity Profiles:==================SiteApplicationResponsibilityUserSite > Application (Purchasing, HR, Payables) > Responsibility > UserValue Sets:===========IndependentConcurrent Program:====================Report ProcessReport > Executable > Concurrent Program > Request Group > Responsibility > User(till conc prgm – Technical will take care and after Conc Prgm i.e….

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  • CORE HR – Setups
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    Extra Information Setups:————————–1. Create a structure code2. Register the code with Form3. Attach the code with relevant responsibilityImplementation Steps of Core HR:———————————-1. Define Value Set2. Define Values in Value Set3. Define mandatory Key flex fields that are used for Business Group setup (Once segments are defined, “Allow dynamic Inserts”,”Freeze” and “Compile” each FF. . Grade…

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  • Leave Balance Initial Load
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    Oracle supplied PTO formulas do not take into account scenario of initial leave balance i.e. a fix leave balance available at the start of the Calendar year. As you noted the standard formulas accrue on a monthly and/or pay period basis.Regarding your setup here is the suggestion:Sick/Casual Leave:a. Create an initial load balance element (say…

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  • PTO-Payroll-Calculation-Accrual-Bands
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    /* ————————————————————————    NAME : PTO_PAYROLL_CALCULATION    This formula calculates the dates between which an assignment is to accrue time   ———————————————————————*/ DEFAULT FOR ACP_START IS ‘HD’DEFAULT FOR ACP_INELIGIBILITY_PERIOD_TYPE IS ‘CM’DEFAULT FOR ACP_INELIGIBILITY_PERIOD_LENGTH IS 0DEFAULT FOR ACP_CONTINUOUS_SERVICE_DATE IS ‘4712/12/31 00:00:00’ (date)DEFAULT FOR ACP_ENROLLMENT_END_DATE IS ‘4712/12/31 00:00:00’ (date)DEFAULT FOR ACP_TERMINATION_DATE IS ‘4712/12/31 00:00:00’ (date)DEFAULT FOR ACP_ENROLLMENT_START_DATE IS…

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  • Accrual Balances – Setups
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    Setup Details: Create Payroll : 1. In the PUI, under HRMS responsibility,  navigate to Payroll > Description. 2. Create a payroll with the following details with effective date of 1-JAN-2000. Name: Monthly Payroll Period Type: Calendar Month First Period End Date: 31-JAN-2000 Number of Years: 25 Consolidation Set: Your BG Cost Allocation KFF Further Payroll Information: Enter…

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